Thursday, February 24, 2011

Maybe I don't need a best girlfriend?!

It seems I now have a wedding planner. In my dad's line of work he meets and makes connections with a lot of people. One of these, apparently, was a wedding planner that he worked closely with for Shania Twains wedding. So he calls her, he calls me, and hopefully by tomorrow she'll have the majority of the details worked out for me when it comes to the ceremony and the reception.

I'm nervous about it because I am one of those that feels if you want things done right you have to do them yourself, but at the same time and relieved because I don't have to do this myself! Now I can gorge on BBQ and beer in peace!

On a serious note, I am going to start looking up things to do while in Rincon so that you, my lovely guests, will have options other than laying on a gorgeous beach all day ;-)

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