Thursday, February 17, 2011

Humble in the rear view!

As I sit and watch TV, Sechel's clickity clacking seems more noticeable than before. She seems so excited as if I had just asked her yesterday for her hand. It bothers me none as her smiles fill the day with comfort and ease. As said down there, she spends most of her time checking out 1 or 2 things and preliminary budgeting. I feel selfish mentally, but I don't know exactly what to do!

While she has this running through her mind: :/

This is what's running through my mind: : )

I've always thought the womerns were better at this, and men just get in the way. She's already come up with budget saving ideas here and there and is doing such a good job not losing her head. I guess I'll add my input once in a while to show genuine interest (which I do by the way) in such a big event in our lives. But as always, she ecstatic, and I'm humble.

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