Monday, May 2, 2011

I know, I suck

I know that most people aren't hanging on to my every word here. Nevertheless I still suck for not updating in over a month. Of course I haven't actually finished that map either. It's been a little nuts outside of the wedding planning. Anyhoo.

Villa has been reserved. I decided that those that decided not to respond to me will have to find their own accommodations if they decide to grace Gil and I with their presence. I know I sound like an asshole when I put it that way and honestly, I meant it that way. A text, reply email, phone call, any little thing to show that there was a genuine interest would have been great. I don't do last minute. Do not tell me a week before the wedding that you want to put in to stay in the villa because it is not that simple.

Flights are up. Remember guys, you have to fly into Aguadilla in order to avoid a 2+ hour drive. And please let me know when you're thinking of flying in. My dad is doing the driving for free and I don't want him to strangle me because I'm sending him to the airport multiple times a day for days. He has to work too. Trying to make things smooth all around.

Other than that, I have decided to stop stressing. Whoever comes, comes and if I have to invite 10+ strangers in order to have my minimum 30 guests then so be it. I need to loose weight and all this stress eating is not helping.

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